Welcome to Haoyang Stones Ltd, exporter and supplier of quality quartz stone slabs in China. We offer the most diverse range of composite quartz colours worldwide, with over ten years of combined experience and knowledge.
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Search by COLOUR

  • HY108 Big Grain
    HY108 Big Grain
  • HY580 Calacatta
    HY580 Calacatta
  • HY574 Calacatta
    HY574 Calacatta
  • HY537 Calacatta
    HY537 Calacatta
  • HY516 Calacatta
    HY516 Calacatta
  • HY515 Calacatta
    HY515 Calacatta
  • HY455 Exotic
    HY455 Exotic
  • HY412 Exotic
    HY412 Exotic
  • HY312 Carrara
    HY312 Carrara
  • HY310 Carrara
    HY310 Carrara
  • HY307 Carrara
    HY307 Carrara
  • HY133 Dark Grey Grain
    HY133 Dark Grey Grain
  • HY208 Super White
    HY208 Super White
  • HY201 Pure White
    HY201 Pure White
  • HY138 Middle Grain
    HY138 Middle Grain
  • HY130 Light Grey Grain
    HY130 Light Grey Grain
  • HY118 Small Grain
    HY118 Small Grain
  • HY116 Middle Grey Grain
    HY116 Middle Grey Grain
  • HY114 Grey Sparkle
    HY114 Grey Sparkle
  • HY109 Black Sparkle
    HY109 Black Sparkle

Samples are currently free for small pieces by appointment only. Please contact haoyangstone@hotmail.com to arrange an appointment. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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